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The OP Archer By DavisWhitewood Development LLC

Save the Hangmen before it's too late! Test your skills and precision against time. 

The OP Archer is a 2D archery game with amazing and addictive HD graphics.
Free bow and arrow shooting game that comes as a mobile arcade game.
Aim and shoot the arrow to cut the rope and save the hangmen from the gallows. 

Shooting games can be very fun and highly addictive and so is our game.
Hangmen are 2d very fun, cartoon characters.
This archery game has realistic physics which is what makes it incredibly fun to play. Use your aiming and archery skills to complete the tricky levels.
While hanging on the hangmens' health decreases continually and respectively to the number of times you miss your target and shoot them.

Cut the rope before the hangman's health turns zero.

Become a real archery master. Be the bowmaster you have always wanted to be. 
You can be the best bow shooter if you really want!
iPad Screenshot 1
iPad Screenshot 2
iPad Screenshot 3


+ Tap on mobile screen and Drag bow across the screen.
+ Aim at your target and then release to shoot the arrow.
+ Save Hangman from hanging on the rope using your bow and arrow.


+ Quality sound and HD graphics
+ Easy to play, aim and shoot
+ Addictive game play
+ 30 challenging levels
+ Realistic physics
+ Best archer shooter


Aim and shoot carefully, release arrow smoothly to cut the rope without wounding the hangmen. Use minimum arrow for perfect star score.

Flight Airplane Simulator Game for 2017 In New York

Flight Airplane Simulator 3D is new game of 2017.

You are here and find latest game of airplane. 

In this Flight Airplane Simulator 3D game you have to control Airplane. 

Use steering to move left right and up down buttons to move Airplane up and down. 

My Review:

I am Sure You will feel like flying the plane really there are hundreds of similar game but what I love is the smooth user interface as well as easier game play So addictive one might spend hours and hours playing this Game forgetting all your important tasks.

SO BE AWARE you may fall ADDICT as soon as installing it on your iPhone on iPaD

There are different Levels. You have to clear each level in a specific time.
Amazing Game Features: 

  • HD graphics
  • Real Environment
  • Amazing Sounds
  • Reliable Control


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