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BALANCED - Amazing Arcade Game by Oppotix for Android

BALANCED is a game which is about to keep stones balance on the Stack, So keep your balance you must keep moving into the Levels. 

The player make sure that he has to balance all the stacks (falling down) on the stones and collect as much coins as he can to unlock next level. 

The player will get 1 coin by balancing 10 stacks.

If you fail to the stack properly then the player will fail to get the next level and you can try again. 

Balanced is a game of ultimate breath taking strategy with five beautiful levels.

Player can even share his scores to the social site as on Facebook and he will rewarded by coins.

Its a crazy game with endless game play. 

Balanced game have coins system and collecting coins is the most important part to play Balanced as much as you want.

Learn how to balance your life by playing balanced game.

In three simple ways:
  • Download
  • Balance ups and downs
  • Get reward


UI improvements
Bug fixes


  Balanced- screenshot thumbnail

   Balanced- screenshot

   Balanced- screenshot

   Balanced- screenshot

Get BALANCED from Google Play Store:



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