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Sound Cradle - Best Parenting App for Smart phones

Cover artSound Cradle brings you the widest and most versatile selection of white noise and baby sleep sounds. 

From ocean and rain sound, to hairdryer and water, you’ll have all the needed sounds to calm and relax your little one in a glance. 

Tap to turn on/off and enjoy!


Don’t you hate it when your baby starts crying and you can’t stop it. 

Well Sound Cradle has tons of different baby relaxing sounds and thus we are sure you will find the right one that works for your baby.


✅ great selection of nature sounds 
✅ pink and white noise generator
✅ calming sounds from different type
✅ clear HQ sound
✅ ability to turn off/on with one tap
✅ free white noise machine 

Purpose of using this application.(There are individual differences in effects)

  • Sleep a baby
  • Calm the crying baby
  • Relax your baby
  • Relaxing Moms
  • Make Mommy sleep

※This is not a medical device.Medical effects are not guaranteed. There are individual differences in the effect of this application.

Please do not let the baby hear the sound of the application with earphones.
If your baby does not like this app, please discontinue use.

Get Sound Cradle for FREE 

Android Screenshots 

   Sound Cradle :Baby Sleep Sound- screenshot      Sound Cradle :Baby Sleep Sound- screenshot
   Sound Cradle :Baby Sleep Sound- screenshot

Also try Sound Cradle on iPhone
iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3
※This application is not medical equipment. It does not guarantee medical effect.
There are individual differences in the effect of this application.

Recommend this app for mom who just gave birth!

Get Free Sound cradle App


Air Puppy Free Adventure Game for iPhone At App Store

The coolest game of the year is here! Control the game by blowing puffs of air on home button. 

"Blow air on the home button to make the puppy fly. Avoid the pipes and obstacles to reach the highest score"

Game Tips:

  • For best results, keep the phone closer to your mouth.
  • Multiple short blows of air are more precise and powerful than one long blow of air.
  • Game works best in quiet environments. 

Enjoy the game for free and don't forget to share it with your friends and family if you like it.

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs, please do write us at

like us on Facebook :

Note: the app utilizes the inbuilt microphone of the phone to detect the air ressure of the blow and control the game play.
Because of location of microphone, app is suitable for iPhone only.

Game Background Music and Gameplay music by : ​

We really appreciate your feedback. If you like our game, please rate us on App Store!
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Super Jumping Penguin Adventure Iceland for Android

Best ICELAND adventure game designed ever with Super Penguin addictive jumping for you.
Penguin, the fearless Penguin an adventurer is out to bring all stolen gold coins back to breathe new life into his home ice-land.

Super Penguin Game FEATURES

Discover Penguin’s amazing new abilities.
• Penguin can jump higher.
• Now he can pick up gold Coins.
• He can jump fast to assist him in his journey.
• Try to jump and explore the whole ice-land.
• Experience an exciting mix between ACTION and Adventure
• SEEK OUT and COLLECT all of the Coins and bring them back
• Set off on an awesome adventure with AMAZING VISUALS
• Smooth game controls
• Lots of challenges and super cute penguin to help.
• A lot of fun and thrilling adventure

Please keep in mind that SA APPS is always reading your feedback and are hard at work designing new characters, levels,features and also fixing any issues you may find. Contact us on if you need any help!


Official website:

Follow Us to get news and updates:

Super Jumping Monkey Adventure

Super Jumping Monkey Adventure is an amazing jumping thriller and a super fast addictive adventure game by SA APPS, available freely on Google play store.

Do you like adventure?! 

And what kind of question is that?! 

Of course you do! Who doesn't! 

Play one of the best adventure jumping monkey game we could ever develop for you. Enjoy! 

We all need some adventure in our lives! Join us to find the best free adventure games that will add some action to your life and make you excited enough to kill the BORING free time.

After the success of Our top Adventure game Timber man adventure and Ninja Egg, we have designed and uploading many other Adventure games soon to help you play and enjoy on your Android smart phones and tablets.

Main Game Story:

There is a naughty monkey at the jungle. This naughty monkey wants to jump like a Super Ninja Hero, 

Please help the naughty monkey to have funny jumping adventure and also in reaching it's destiny without dropping down.

Would you like to join the naughty monkey to start the exciting adventure using our endless Fun Adventure game for Android ? 

Jumping monkey is going on a new jumping adventure and he needs your help to collect all coins!

This game can be played on most android smart phones and has very easy to learn responsive touch controls. 

Try out the exciting adventures which this cheeky naughty monkey Jumping game offers and be prepared to have lots of fun!

This Awesome game is among the most addictive jumping adventure games on play store

How to Play the Game?

A. Just tap the screen to let the naughty monkey jump.

B. Collect the money and gold coins as many as you can .

C. Run to the end of the SAGA to pass the levels.

Amazing Game Features:

* Its absolutely FREE on Google Play!

* Great Game Play and controls.

* Enjoy the Awesome naughty monkey jumping experience.

* Refreshing background music & sound effects.

* Compatible with all tablets and mobile devices of android version 2.2 and above.

* Multiples Levels to master your jumping and ninja fighting skills .

* Awesome HD quality graphics

* Amazing background sound to enhance your gaming experience



So What are you waiting for Hurry up! and Get naughty monkey Jumping Adventure installed and Play one of the best adventure jumping monkey game we could ever develop for you. Enjoy it in your Android Phone or Tablets.

User Feedback Appreciated:

Please feel free to tell us what you like and don’t like about our best free board game yet developed. 

If you love our game please Rate it and Share with friends to let them enjoy our adventurous game too.


Country and Capital Word Guessing, Trivia Quiz, Game for iPhone and iPad

Take your best guess right now! Guess what is the Capital for the countries with their Flags provided on the board.

Country and Capital Trivia Quiz Word Guessing Game is an awesome addictive challenging game, designed and developed to find out right Capital for their Countries displayed on the board.

This Trivia Quiz Game is an easy way to get your general knowledge improved to be prepared for entry tests or any IQ test. You don't have to worry about searching on google If you need you can get the Capital via this app for your country intended.

Here you face a big challenge to Guess CORRECT CAPITAL for the Country listed on the board

So one has to GUESS actual letters forming the name of a Capital City for the Country's Flag being displayed. 

So even we learnt a lot and we hope many of us Specially students preparing for aptitude test or needing practice some general knowledge regarding world wide countries and their capitals, Students can practice learning the Capitals within this Trivia Quiz game.

  • What's Unique in this Trivia Quiz?
  • 200 Plus Levels means 200 different words depicted. 
  • Flag of each country is displayed so easy to recognize
  • Select a Letter to complete the name
  • Bomb letters to remove extra letters on the board
  • You can also Skip the level if you find it difficult

Love this Trivia Quiz Game? Please give feedback on iTunes to improve further.

Don't forget to Share with students and others to let them enhance their general knowledge and Countries information.

If you have any issue you may contact and resolve via Free app support page mentioned here.

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3   
   iPhone Screenshot 5   
Free App Support:

Download from App Store:

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Proverbs Trivia Quiz, Word Guessing Game for iOS Devices

Proverbs Trivia Quiz game is an addictive yet challenging word guessing game for iPhone and iPad​. A Real brain teaser for any one I bet.​ ​ 

Design Nominees announced 'Proverbs Trivia Quiz by @saappsofficial as "#Game of the Day 18 July 2016" -

Proverbs Trivia Quiz challenges your intellect and wisdom, test your ability, knowledge and English vocabulary as well as educating ​you ​with proverbs and their meaning while providing fun at the same time. ​ 

Game Features:

You'll be presented with a Phrase. You​r​ g​oal is to guess what WORD is behind the​ ​​proverbial expression or given ​idiomatic sentence​. Each sentence is missing or describing an iDiom or Proverb which you have to guess by selecting letters to fill the board. There ​are 200 Proverbs to guess. Let's see how far can you go! 

How to Play Proverbs Trivia Quiz? ​​ ​

Tap the letters to place them on the game board. Tapping letters again will remove already selected letters from the game board. If letters are correctly filled, Word gets completed this way you can ​get the correct Proverb and forward to next level. ​ 

Tap on 'Let's Play' from Main Menu to Start the Proverbs Trivia Quiz​ ​​Game.

Tap 'How to Play' to get help tutorial. 

Detailed ​o​ptions are mentioned ​here ​to help you out while playing Proverbs Trivia Quiz Game.​ 

Check out the Icons across both side of the game board ​to help you guess the word easily. 

- Tap 'A' to reveal a correct letter 

- Tap 'Bomb Letters' to remove irrelevant letters from the board. ​

- Tap 'Blue ​Arrow' to Skip to next level 

IF you are stuck with any question ​no worries, Ask your facebook and twitter fans and followers to guess it for you.

- Facebook ​​Tap​ 'f' ​​icon to post on your time line to ask friends helping you guess correct word ​

- Twitter ​​Tap ​ 't' ​​Icon to Tweet your question to engage your followers guessing correct word for you

- Tap Gift box to brief you with description defining the ​proverbial expression further ​​
- Tap on ​Crown to ​Get​ ​'​Premium Package​'​ cosisting, Remove Ads and a Wrong letter as well as ​Filling a correct letter on the board. 

- Tap Video Icon to play a video to get a free letter hint, the more you play the more free letters you will get. 
I bet you are gonna an addict, engaged with it for hours, guessing ​letters again and again using Free letters, using Bomb letters to remove irrelevant letters and ​even collecting points to jump to next level as fast as you can. ​​ 

If you are a Genius you can solve it Guess it right and forward to the next LEVEL of intellect. 

Don't give up my friend ! 

If you love our game please Rate it on iTunes and Share with friends to ​Let them enjoy the board on their iPhone or iPad. 

If you have any issue you may contact and resolve via Proverbs Trivia Quiz app support page ​.​ 

iPhone Screens:

Download from App Store:

What's New in Version 2.0

Thanks for using our App! To make our game better, we bring updates to the App Store frequently.
Every update includes improvements for speed and reliability. As new features become available, we’ll highlight those here. 

Recent updates: 

- Bug fixes and performance improvements, including improved app startup time.
Watch Demo Video :

Proverbs Trivia Quiz Support : 

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