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Super Jumping Penguin Adventure Iceland for Android

Best ICELAND adventure game designed ever with Super Penguin addictive jumping for you.
Penguin, the fearless Penguin an adventurer is out to bring all stolen gold coins back to breathe new life into his home ice-land.

Super Penguin Game FEATURES

Discover Penguin’s amazing new abilities.
• Penguin can jump higher.
• Now he can pick up gold Coins.
• He can jump fast to assist him in his journey.
• Try to jump and explore the whole ice-land.
• Experience an exciting mix between ACTION and Adventure
• SEEK OUT and COLLECT all of the Coins and bring them back
• Set off on an awesome adventure with AMAZING VISUALS
• Smooth game controls
• Lots of challenges and super cute penguin to help.
• A lot of fun and thrilling adventure

Please keep in mind that SA APPS is always reading your feedback and are hard at work designing new characters, levels,features and also fixing any issues you may find. Contact us on if you need any help!


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